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Dream Big HockeyStars
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Game Performance Analysis

Career consultations

Dream Big HockeyStars has rapidly grown into one of the premier hockey programs in Massachusetts.  Although we all play on teams, a player’s development is individual.  It is important for proper growth that each athlete routinely evaluate their abilities.  As you climb up the youth hockey ladder certain habits need to be refined.  It is important to keep growing and maturing as a player in order to have success.  There are multiple options to help one become a better hockey player: Game Performance Analysis, 3 Game Video Review and our Mentorship Program.


One of our professional staff will come watch you play at a local arena and evaluate your abilities. Having an independent eye complete a thorough assessment will help develop your game.  Following the game, you will receive a complete analysis outlining strengths and weaknesses. Feedback will also include drills and techniques to supplement on-ice training.


If you have aspirations to play at the next level, you will not find a better option to learn and develop then with video review.  Often as players, the game becomes a blur.  It's tough to remember specific plays and details of the game.  In the professional sports world, video review is the most utilized tool to help their players reach one's true potential.  We have become a visual society; iPads, iPhones and video games are in our everyday lives.  Following the video review process, you will receive a complete analysis outlining your strengths and weaknesses.

      Video Submissions

  • 3 + games (even strength shifts)
  • Cut/Organize Shifts (video coach, or your own high resolution recording)
  • Video Recording Vantage Point (Close to “center ice” in an elevated position and Wide Angle – to view the context of the entire play)
  • Upload (unlisted YouTube or Vimeo to share, or utilize “Dropbox”)


The DBHS staff is exclusively chosen and each bring extensive hockey knowledge to the mentorship program. Athletes have aspirations to compete at the highest level possible. However, along the way the hockey world can be rather confusing. DBHS created its mentorship program to help families navigate this constantly changing scene.  All of our Mentors are excellent communicators and have played at a very high level.  They all understand what it takes to reach your true potential.  Depending on your goals and aspirations as a player, you will be paired up with a Mentor.  The mentor will provide individualized feedback to the athlete and their family, as well as, offer specific career directional support.  The ultimate goal is to help develop a well-rounded hockey player both on and off the ice.